Although whippets were “invented” across the pond, this little dog has been embraced by a terrific group of fanciers who appreciate the talent, speed and tenacity of the whippet.  We have a true multi-tasking hound here in North America.  

Between the United States and Canada there are many organizations that provide performance trials, racing and events for whippet.  These organizations will be listed with brief descriptions of the activity they provide.  Most, if not all, of these organizations are on the web and provide their rules, guides, and track layouts.  Pictures of some of the most highly regarded and talented, as well as highly ranked whippets are provided.  
The information and photo’s were so generously provided by the breeders and owners.  I could not have written this article without such an overwhelming response.

There are sporting events for the talent of all whippets in the USA and Canada.  Thanks to dedication of those who keep the records, judge and keep the grading guides.  

Some of the information on these pages comes from Denise Como’s book “Running Sighthounds, A Beginner’s Guide”.   Thank you Dwight Caffee for all your help and encouragement.

It certainly seems that our whippets are in great hands.  The versatility of our breed is boundless as you will see in the following pages.

Sue Farebrother
Sue Farebrother and the Notorious girls.
By Sue Farebrother, Notorious
and Dwight Caffee, Wildhare