ARCHIVES 2018 - 2021
Absolut Precious Gem
Ch Adagio JilZan Fire and Rain SC
Ch Adagio JilZan Kisses Like Fire

Ch Adagio Jilzan Gallant Fox
Ch Adagio Jilzan Tiger Paw, SC

GCH Adagio Jilzan Gallant Fox SC
GCH Adagio Jilzan Tiber Paw SC

Arwen Sovereign Dreams at Templar
FC Cali’s HH Serious Moonlight, MC, LCX, ARX, TR, PRT
FC Cali’s Red Clay Halo MC LCX2 Fch
Ch Cali’s Ronan The Red of Saturn SC ARX TRP PR2 CGC
GCHG Counterpont Painted by Bohem, SC
GCHG Counterpoint Painted by Bohem, SC
Devereux Oh So Delightful
Ch Endeavor’s Class Clown at Ranier
GCH Kalina Ableaim Hats & Fashions
GCH Laurel Double Or Nothing
Ch Liberty’s Cool Runnings
McCartney’s Chamisal
Mystic Run Hip Hip Hooray of Lanruvi & Coggleshell ARX NARX
GCH Northwind’s Rainy Day People
Obailee’s Question of Balance
Oken Whippoorwill Proof Positive
Oken Whippoorwill Proof Positive
GCH Oxford’s Chase The Wind
FC Shannon Down The Red Viper SC CR ORC
DC Shannon down The Red Viper SC CR ORC
Ch Silhouette’s Breaking The Silence

GCH Snow Hill Beyond Blonde at Bohem
GCH Snow Hill Beyond Blonde at Bohem
Sovereign SF Celtic Colours
Ch Sporting Fields Dashing Sand Dune
GCH Sporting Fields Love and Sheninagans

FC Stoneledge Wild Places SC, FCH, CGC
FC Surrey Hill Mariner Pursuit of Hoppiness, SC
Ch Surrey Hill Mariner Smooth Hoperater
GCH Talisman Let It Be Me Harmony
DC Tru-Luv’s Blew By You Fch
Ch Tru-Luv Living In The Moment SC
DC Tru-Luv Living In The Moment SC
FC Tru-Luv’s Rev-It-Up BN, RN, SC, CGC, FCh
Ch Vrymeer It’s In The Cards
GCH Whippoorill Body of Proof
Ch Winquests Take A Ride With Willabe
Ch Wonderstruck Jomyr Going Going Gone  January
GCH Wonderstruck Jomyr Going Going Gone   August