First Aid Kit
    By Carolyn Mountan
There is a lot listed on here. It changes as new things come out and not every
one will feel comfortable with all this. But a lot of it IS needed. You may not be
able to have all the antibiotics, etc that is available where I work, but you should
have Benedryl.

Some of the things I carry are not for everyone . If you do not feel comfortable
using something, then try not to carry it because you may use it wrong ( suture
kits, medications, IV fluids, etc.) and that can be worse than not having it at all!

Here is some of the “stuff” I have in mine. It is in couple levels
with the top level being medications, and things I use most often.

4 rolls 3" cast padding
4 rolls of 3" cling
clean or sterile sponges
Package of Q-tips
tongue depressors (these can even be used to make a small splint in a pinch!)
3-4 telfa pads
Cotton balls
roll or 2 of co-flex
A few silver nitrate sticks
Medi splint in two types...... one is straight for a front leg and one is made for
    a back leg. I have a couple of them and have used many of them when an
    accident has occurred.
I also keep my suture kit and some instruments sterilized for future use. I have
thumb forceps, hemostats ( 3-4) needle holder, etc. I keep various sizes of suture
material ( already has the needle on it).
I have a bag of 500 CC IV lactated Ringers which can not only be used IV,
    it can be given SQ in a pinch.

small bottle of Betadine solution
small bottle of Betadine scrub
small bottle of surgical scrub (milder than Betadine, which can be pretty abrasive
       depending on the wound)