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Dogs are not our whole life,but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras
October 3, 2017

From the Editor :

I hope you’ve enjoyed the years of work I’ve put in to EWhippetzine.  The magazine will stay online but with the January issue of 2018 there will be some changes.  With the decrease of interest and income, I have decided to decrease the work load and time it takes to keep the updates current.  
    STATS:  The Final Top 20’s for 2017 will be the last that I post in the magazine.  I thank you all that contributed but the money and time to purchase some of them and do the updates is consuming and the lack  interest and income of the Zines has diminished.
   ISSUES:  The Themed issues will discontinue.  The November-December 2017 New Champions will be the last Themed Issue.  These used to have great support and be lots of fun to see the Up Coming Stars, Stud Dog, National, International, Color Immaterial, Performance, Bitch and New Titles, it seems the ads don’t usually correspond with the issue and/or lack or support for that issue.
   EMAIL NOTIFICATION:  December 2017 will be the last time I send out the emails for the new issues.  IF there is a new cover.  Although it did greatly help jump the visits, it took a great deal of time to get it ready and send it to all the owners, breeders, fanciers and judges.
   THE EW BLOG: This again is something that took a bit of time and needed photos submitted to keep it interesting.  The Blog wlll remain but the work to go thru AKC WINS will discontinue.  I will still post your Weekend Brag and photo if you want to submit one.
    THE COVERS:  The cover pricing will change to go along with the end of email notifications.  Covers will be on a first come first serve basis and still be monthly.  If I do not receive a new cover then the current cover will stay in place.  Ad prices will be the same and will still be shared on Facebook on my page and the EWhippetzine page.

Thanks again for your years of support,
Vickie Smith, Editor
Final Themed Issue:
November/December 2017 ~ New Champions