1.  How many years have you been in Whippets ?

Carol:  I got my first Whippet in 1975, so that makes it about 31 years.

2.  What breed(s) did you have prior to Whippets?

Carol:  My first breed was a Bedlington Terrier that I purchased in 1961.  I showed him in obedience and he did get a CD in grand style for a Terrier.  Three legs in one week and his score was never under 193.  He had retraced a testicle at about 5 months so could not be shown in conformation.  It did not take me long to figure out that I was not a “hair” lover and there is a lot of grooming and trimming to be done on Bedlingtons.  When he was wet he had the shape and make of a Whippet (which is one of the breeds behind the Bedlington) and I decided that I would get a Whippet.  However, along the line I got side tracked with a wonderful little German Shepherd bitch puppy.  She won my heart and my love of GSD’s.  She was a snap to train and earned her CD, CDX and UD by the time she was 14 months old (and all 3 degrees in under 9
months).  While doing this, she won many High In Trials and High Combined in Trial.  I became quite involved in GSD’s until 1975 when I finally purchased my first Whippet…. And he was to be my “only” Whippet. Ha!

3.  Who was your first Whippet ?

Carol:  His name was Wynfal Nice ‘N Easy (Nice for short).  He was shown a couple of times but did nothing as he really was much smaller than any of the males being shown at that time.  He was a cool dog and lived with me for 15 years.  He was a Champion Pet.

4.  Do you think handlers help or hurt the breed?  

Carol:  There is a definite place for handlers in every breed.  Many owners cannot for many reasons show their own dog and getting a handler is the only way they can get their exhibits in the ring.  Under many judges handlers have an advantage as often they present a dog better than a novice or some owner/handlers.  With dogs (and handlers) that are advertised frequently in the various magazines also have an advantage under some judges.

5.  Do you feel you made any improvements with your breeding program?
Carol:  I had two foundation bitches, one that I bought and one that I bred from a leased bitch.  My foundation
bitch that I bought from Richard Reynolds (Roving Whippets) was my idea of what I thought the breed should look like and move like.  The bitch I leased was of similar type and bloodlines and so was the bitch I kept from that breeding.  What I did initially was to tighten up my bloodlines as these bitches were not line bred.  I brought back in many of the older dogs in the pedigrees and very much stabilized the look I like through the line breeding.  I generally came in on the line breeding for four generations and then outcrossed type to type.  I would say that I improved the movement on the early dogs, both from the side and coming and going to where I was fairly consistent in getting what I wanted.

6.   Did you have any Whippets that you felt made outstanding contributions?

Carol:  Probably my most outstanding contribution to the breed was in my black bloodlines.  When I bred my first black litter, there were not a lot of blacks being shown any place in the
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