A few whippet breeders in the UK producing blacks were: Allways (TH Cook), Ladiesfield (Margaret Wigg)
and Inadown Kennels (Major and Mrs. CC Kerr-Peterson). In the US there were blacks bred by the famous
Meander kennels (Judith Shearer) There were originally 3 main stud dogs at Mardomere kennels (Margaret Anderson), one being the black "Ace of Clubs of the Barn". Breeder Doris Wear (Stoney Meadows) bred
black and parti black whippets. Most of the Stoney Meadow blacks come down from the Meander blacks
going back to the Tiptree whippets of the UK and thru Arroyo Demi Tasse (black b. 1929) owned by
Christine Cormany (Strathoaks).  Another breeder of the good old "dual
purpose whippets" was Pam Arthur of Rockabye Kennels in Canada.
Her Rockabye Black Mollie is behind so many of todays blacks in the
US through the old Tinribs (Peggy Stancomb) whippets from the UK.

    BIS Ch Pennyworth Blue Iris
Breeder/owner:  Margaret Newcombe
“Iris” was the first homebred Best In Show winner for Mrs. Newcombe
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Stoney Meadows Magistrate
Ch Stoney Meadows Magnific
Breeder/Owner:  Potter Wears
A strong producer of both race
and show whippets.
Photo by Brown
The beautiful Pennyworth Blue Iris was a BIS winner in the 1950s. Her sire was Impressive of Mardomere and her dam was Ch Seagift Penniesworth. She was a blue and white coming down from the Seagift blacks (Dorothy Whitwell Renwick) and ultimately going back to the original black/blue whippets Kaffir King (white/blue and his dam Alwyn (black) and her dam Kitzema  from the UK.  Blue Iris produced numerous champions for Peggy Newcombe and a lot of today’s blacks can trace their pedigrees all the way back to her!  My very first home bred Champion BIF Ch HH Devil With The Blue Dress On, FCh (blue and white) goes back to Blue Iris 4 times in her pedigree
Stoney Meadows Magnificator
BIF Ch HH Devil With The Blue Dress On, FCh
             “Whitney”  (blue and white)
Champion, FieldChampion and Best In Field winner for Robin Barry, “Hound Hollow”
Photo by Gilbert