1.  How many years have you been in Whippets?

We acquired our first whippet in 1975. We picked her out almost
from birth - and acquired her a few months before we got
married. When we went to pick her up, the breeder ( Lucy Cress of Cresswood Kennels) GAVE her to us as a wedding gift! She lived back and forth between the two of us until we got married . Of course HE taught her to sleep in bed almost immediately! We spoiled Chelsey and totally enjoyed her. So our life together has never been without a whippet!

2.  What breed(s) did you have prior to whippets?

None really, lots of Beagles as a kid.  My father took the  Beagles to an occasional field trial and was an avid hunter. Greg's Dad was a busy veterinarian, so Greg grew up constantly surrounded by many large and small animals.  His family had a couple Border collies, a Boxer, and miniature schnauzers when he was growing up.
3.  What made you decide to get a whippet?

Greg's Dad's practice had a whippet breeder - Lucy Cress.  Lucy brought ALL her dogs to his clinic, (she also raised Boxers and Bull Terriers) so Greg was introduced to whippets years before we ever got our first one from her. He always liked their temperament and their athletic look.  Soon after being introduced to the breed through Lucy, it didn't take long for us to make plans to buy one!
4.  Who was your first whippet?

Our first whippet was Cresswood Chelsey Morning F CH.  (Ch 
Cresswood Cha Cha Cha ROM  -  a Barndance son -  bred to  Dress  Circle Sea Goddess ROMX , who was a Ch Bettebrook Benchmark  daughter)   She was a blue brindle and white particolor.

5. Was he/she a show dog and did they finish?

Yes, we took her to numerous matches and had a great learning 
experience with her. She was outgoing, happy and very athletic - 
she seemed to enjoy anything we asked her to do!  She slept in bed 
Cresswood Chelsey Morning FCh
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