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I never leave on a trip with my dogs without putting them on canned pumpkin 3 days before I leave and continuing it throughout the trip.
It is high in fiber and absorbs all the moisture in the gut and will keep them from getting any digestive upsets even if I am traveling with someone else who gets sick dogs. If you hear those squishy watery sounds coming from their gut, give them half a can of pumpkin and you will likely prevent the gas and diarrhea that follows.They love it, but be sure to get just the plain pumpkin and not pie filling which has spices and sugar added. Pumpkin is also great for dogs who are overweight as it makes them feel full, and I have heard that it works very well as a constant in the diet of dogs will irritable bowel disease and allergies. You also can make a ""Pumpkin Milkshake" with 2 cups of low fat plain yogurt, 1 cup of canned pumpkin, 2 cups of water, and some ice cubes. Blend until smooth ... and serve.

Submitted by Sally Smith, “Sun Run”