In April of 2018, the International Whippet congress, in conjunction with the American Whippet Club National Specialty will hold a spectacular art auction the evening of Monday April 23. We are thrilled
to have original pieces being submitted in various media. Some of the artists already committed include:
Fan Yu (Beijing, China) - original bronze
            *     Fan Yu is a spectacularly talented dog man and artist from China who has spent considerable
                   time at shows here in the US and has completed bronze pieces for Santa Barbara KC,
                   numerous private collections, and has had pieces exhibited the china National Geographic
Julie Dunn (Dorset, UK) - Oil Painting
            *    Julie Brunn is a talented young portrait artist from the UK with the interesting background
                  of both fine arts and zookeeper.  Her sensitive portraits capture the true personality of the
                  subject animal.  Julie is also a Whippet owner so feels at home with their many moods and
Jim Gion (Portland, Oregon) - sculpture
           *     Jim Gion from the Pacific Northest is an accomplished sculptor of both people and dogs.  
                   He was commissioned by  Eukanuba and the American Kennel Club to sculpt the BIS Winners
                  that appeared on the Best In Show trophy for the AKC Eukanuba Invitatioal show.  He also has
                  pieces in the AKC Museum of the Dog, The Oregon Zoo and the Bird Dog Museum as well as
                  in numerous private collections.
Lee Canalizo (Florida, United States) - Mixed Media
            *     Lee Canalizo is an international dog show judge and an invited member at Studio 1212 Art
                   Gallery and a founding member of Art Trysts Studio.  Her work has been exhibited in many
                   of the area galleries and art shows.  Her works are in collections of prominent collectors
                   in New York, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, as well as Germany, Australia and Denmark.
Numerous other accomplished artists have already committed pieces to the auction. In addition to live bidding,
we plan to enable online bidding so individuals not in attendance will have the opportunity to bid. We expect to
have roughly fifteen individual pieces.  For a complete listing of works to be auctioned, you can visit the IWC Facebook
page for updates (https://www.facebook.com/groups/InternationalWhippetCongress/) or visit the webpage for more