1.  Why a Whippet?  Did you have other breeds before? Do you remember the first time you saw a whippet and what your impression was?  When did you get your first whippet?

David – I have had Whippets for 27 years.  Before Whippets my family had a collection of other breeds, including Poodles, a Dalmatian, and an American Eskimo, but the Whippet easily became our families favorite breed.  My mother, Karen Samuelson, was a friend of Carol Juelfs (Affinity Whippets).  After a visit to Carol’s home one day
my mother brought home a whippet, that whippet was Sophie.  My first impression was “why would anyone want a dog without any hair?”, now I wouldn’t want anything else.  Sophie (Ch. Affinity Silver Dream) was to become my first champion.  She was a blue brindle and white parti-colored girl thus introducing me to the variety of whippet colors.   

Gina – I don’t think I had much of a choice in the matter.  I always say that I married in to the breed.  David and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this year at the Duluth Kennel Club show (July 10th).  I didn’t have dogs growing up.  I grew up with a great cat named Fluffy (I know, how original).  The first time I saw a whippet was at a Samuelson Family holiday celebration.  When I arrived it seemed there were whippets everywhere; the dogs were clearly part of the family.  His aunt had a whippet, his mother had a couple of whippets, David had a whippet, when Carol came there were even more whippets.  This was a new experience for me.  I think anyone interested in whippets should attend a Samuelson Family gathering.  
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When we were first married we had one whippet, Lucy (Affinity Scout’s Honor).  Lucy was a beautiful red whippet.  David bred her to Cassie Roger’s handsome male Ben (Ch. Ailne Affinity Dreamer LCM).  I chose C.C. (Dashing Chianti Classico TRPX, ARX, FCh, VFCh) from the litter and the rest is history.  Everything in our house is descended from Lucy.  
Left to right:  (3 generations)
Lucy - Affinity Scout’s Honor
Sheena - Ch Dashing The Lioness
George - Ch Windsheen Dashing Dare to Beee