On September 12, 1993 a special litter of whippet puppies were born. The proud parents were Jandall’s Toby Tyler Of Kent ,ARM, ORC,FCH,CC,CM & Chimago of Wyndsor, RCH,ORC,LCM.
Bryson’s Chance of Wyndsor, Fch, OTR, SC
by Mimi Dygert
Many of the pups went to active racing homes but a couple of them landed in pet homes. Chance was one of the pups that spent his childhood playing ball in a hallway of a Sacramento apartment. Then at the age of nearly nine years old , his owners sent him back to his breeder. This fateful incident resulted in my finding my way not just into whippet rescue but introduced me to dog racing & lure coursing. In meeting Chance’s breeder I also found one of my greatest friends, Mary Wilson.

Whippet rescue called me because I had filled out an application to adopt a whippet. By the time they called I already had adopted two dogs and three cats. We decided to go and meet Chance. I would like to say it was love at first sight. Well for Chance it certainly was. Chance ran merrily down the street with Duane, my husband, never taking his eyes off his newly found companion.

In the next months we realized we had not just a strong minded dog, with an agenda all his own, but we also saw glimpses of what may have been as a racing dog. We started training him & managed to get his registration papers. He put on muscle & refused to wear a muzzle. We spent hours running on Dillon Beach near Petaluma, Ca. Chance slugged through heavy beach sand & after weeks of exercise he was sailing easily through the dunes with me chasing after…

The summer of 2004 was Chance’s year. He was also 10 years old.  Early in the year I spent weekends driving up & down Interstate 5 in CA. We gathered points at every event. Some week days were still spent at Dillon Beach racing around in the heavy sand. Some evenings were spent in the East Bay regional Parks above Oakland, CA. Chance trained like crazy & played ball like a pro.
The Rescue Story of ......
Photo by Don McGuire
On June 12 & 13 we attended an ASFA trial in Hollister. Chance won the OPEN STAKE on Saturday. It was about 105 degrees. As we drove home that evening, I tabulated the points. “ You know if we come back tomorrow & he wins he will earn his FCH”. And that is exactly what (we ) Chance did , beating out dogs that were a fraction of his age.

During the season that year we also attended NOTRA Oval events. Chance became quite the celebrity. The oldest Senior gathering OTR points at every event. One event he actually beat 16 dogs…On October 24, 2004 he earned his OTR.
Photo by Diana Altree
At the age of 12 Chance was training for NAWRA Nationals to be held in Chico of that year. Chance was kicked by a horse while running with Duane in the East Bay Hills. His racing career came to an end. Chance moved with us to Upstate NY in 2005. Chance  spent his last year playing ball & enjoying the walks on the trails of his last home. We miss him. It was a privilege to watch this incredible dog do incredible things so late in his life. Thanks to Mary Wilson & Jean Balint for bringing this awesome dog into our lives.
14 years old. Still playing ball !