On July 22, 2010 a lady came home from work to find two dogs in her yard.  One of them came to her the other one ran.  This lady thought they might be whippets so she called her friend in Florida who has whippets to find out who to contact for Rescue here locally. The Florida person calls Whippet Rescue in Independence MO who then called Overland Park Whippet Rescue who was closer.  (Overland Park KS, is a sub of KC.)  OP Rescue calls me and gives me the location which is more or less in my area also and tells me she has talked to the lady and it MIGHT be an IG since she describes the puppy as smaller. So from what we know, it’s either a whippet puppy or IG.  OP Rescue is headed to the lady’s home.
The intersection is 4 lanes of very busy traffic that also has a vet clinic (seen in photo) that backs up to it.  . My first thought was maybe they escaped while being walked at the clinic, but neither had a leash. The one the lady had was wearing a collar but no tags or other ID.  I’m surprised they weren’t hit.
My next move was to contact a whippet breeder who only lives minutes from this intersection.   She's not home, her husband answers, says he'll take a head count and let me know. In the meantime, I hear from OP Whippet Rescue again and she is almost to the lady's house. She's talked to the lady again who can't really tell if the dog has been neutered, but says he's very playful and nibbly. This lady’s backyard backs up to this very busy intersection also.  
Next chapter of the story is the Whippet breeders husband has gone down to the intersection and saw the truck driving around with all the lost IG signs on it with a phone number to call.  He picture messages me the truck, but I can’t read the phone number on my phone so I call him to get the phone number.  When I call the number on the truck I get voice mail so I now call OP Whippet Rescue again to tell her about the truck.   She calls the lady to tell her the update and to get the little guy ON LEASH down to the intersection and stand there.
Whippet Rescue now is aware of a vehicle driving around with signs and keeps her eye out for this vehicle.  She spots it going the opposite direction, does a “U” turn in the 4 lanes of traffic and tracks him down.  He is so relieved that his puppy has been found !!  He had been driving back and forth at the intersection since 1 PM that day.  It’s now about 8:30.   It is an IG puppy about 8 - 10 months of age.  The other IG, a rescue they have had for a while, ran back home.  
I think it is so fantastic that this puzzle fell together like it did and had a happy ending.  If any one piece or person had been left out, the puppy would not have been returned to owners so quickly  I think it was ingenious of this man to drive around this busy intersection with his signs.  It is much easier to read a moving sign in front of you while driving that to spot one on the light pole as you quickly drive by.  He said he received 100’s of text messages from people wanting to help and see if he had found his IG yet.  
Thanks to Rescue Volunteers and everyone else involved, this story had a happy ending and a happy owner.  The report was that the look on the puppy’s face was “Uh Oh ... I’m in BIG trouble !!”