AKC Lure Coursing
*  Ableaim Morgan Le Fay MC                                                                                     Morgan
*  Ableaim Making Memories MC
*  Amulet Majestic Dance SC                                                                                        Fraiser
*  FC Appaws Imagination of Shannon Down MC LCX
*  FC Belaya Sterling Silver SC
*  Burnt Sienna Midsummer Dream SC

*  FC Cali N Tnts Spirit of the Wild of Nitro MC LCX2                                                   Spirit
*  FC Cherche’ Arborlea Upside Down SC

*  FC Chesara Jaytea Curlew, RN, SC

*  Chesara Shakara Panic In Detroit, SC

*  DC Devereux A Star Is Born MC LCX
*  FC Devereux Sportingfield Truly Pristine SC

*  FC Domino Pablo Pistachio SC

*  FC Indigo Charged To The Max CD LCM2 RA SC CRX OTRM AV CGC
*  FC SDW Kismet Can Yu Dig It? SC  FCH                                                                 Layla
*  FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors SC FCh                                                                     Mya
*  DC SDW Lifelong’s About Face ! MC

*  FC Shannon Down Cinnamon Girl SC, CRX, OTRM
*  FC Shannon Down In Your Eyes MC

*  FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet MC

*  FC Shannon Down Mad About You SC

*  Shannon Down Movin’ Out JC OTR                                                                            Caleb
*  Shannon Down The Entertainer SC, CR, OTR                                                            Liam
*  DC Snow Hill Obvious Child MC FCh CR  
*  DC Surrey Hill's Galafrey LCM DPCX OTRM CR                                                   Bonzer
*  Tadita Born To Run SC                                                                                                 Nado
*  Tadita Forever May You Run SC FCh
*  Tadita Wings Of A Dream SC
*   FC Tadita Written In The Stars SC                                                                            Catori
*  FC Tnt’s Crank It Up MC LCX2
                                                                            June Bug
*  DC Tnt’s Ima Tequila Sunrise MC                                                                   Jose Quervo
*  FC Tnt’s Taking The Checkerd Flag MC LCX5
*  FC Tnt’s Remembers The Intimidator SC
*  FC Wannago’s Dirt Daddy SC
*  Wannago's Jasper Gold SC

*  Wannago’s See Ya Later Pixar SC                                                                              Pixar
*  FC Wannago Solavinna de Sonoma SC                                                                      Sola
*  Ch Wildhare Distant Thunder SC

*  Wildwood’s Torrey Pines SC                                                                                      Torrey
*  FC Windyglens I’m Outta Here MC

*  FC Windyglen Tiggers Have Springs SC                                                                  Tigger
*  Farseer Nacho of Shadow Run
*  Notorious Poeta Pantera

*  QuiXand SDW Intentionally Left Blank CR ORC
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Compiled from Top 20 “Click A Pic” Photos submitted.