Forcasting Whippet Height
Thank you, Mary Beth, for permission to reprint your growth chart.

Vickie Smith
When I had my first whippet, I cut and saved this article by Mary Beth Arthur, “Marial”
out of a July 1990 “Dog World Magazine”.  I found it very helpful and refer back to it

often with each litter I’ve bred.  We know how important it is to keep track of growth
when picking puppies.  It is heart breaking to have that “perfect pup” that you’ve put
so many hope in to, grow past the allowed height.  Growth spurts at different ages can
vary with the different bloodlines.  I have had puppies stop growing at 9 months and some

nudge up a bit even after a year.  I have also had a few “settle back” as much as a ¼ inch.

The chart below was compiled by Mary Beth to show the differences of growth stages
between 5 different dogs and 5 different bitches.  I hop you find it useful.