Little did I know that the litter I waited & worked so hard, for would take me on a journey and make history.
May 4, 2020 Diva gave birth to a litter of 4, one fawn bitch and three black looking with white marking, two dogs and a bitch.  After calling and messaging with reliable whippet breeders, I was assured that the pups would either be black brindle or fawn.  Well that didn’t happen.
By the time the litter was 4 months old, it was clear to me that two were fawn black saddle and one, Atlas, was white & fawn brindle black saddle. So, my journey began.
I called AKC and asked to correct the color on my puppy, she was quick to take my fee, said my color choice was recorded and I was told to email in two pictures, one side view, one straight on, along with my color choice.  I did that and a week later I received an email saying his color has been corrected and papers were attached.  She chose to change his color to “black & white, fawn marking”.  I replied that genetically, it is impossible for him to be “black” and I needed the papers changed to my original request.   I was told since “black Saddle” isn’t an option I couldn’t use it.  Fawn is also not an option, yet she added it.  This went back & forth for a couple weeks, she sent his picture to breeders, then changing the color as to what they suggested.
Finally, I had enough and reached out to the American Whippet Club.  The BOD was quick to jump on my side, asking for copies of all correspondence with AKC and photos of the three puppies.
On April 14, 2021, I received an email from AWC that they had resolved the issue with AKC and the “Black Saddle” had been official added as an alternate color and to please reply with my puppy’s registration numbers and colors to be corrected to.
I am thrilled to say these puppies are the first three whippets in the USA, registered with AKC using the color marking “Black Saddle”.
Thank you again AWC and the Board of Directors for all the help in getting this marking added to AKC’s color choice.
Black Saddle Marking For Whippets
Approved By AKC
By Susan Mallonee
AmberWind  Whippets
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