The black gene is dominant and therefore to get black puppies, the sire or dam must be black or blue.
(A note here-blue is simply the dilute of the black gene and from now on when we talk about black, we are automatically including blue) Again, the black gene is dominant to brindle and fawn-if a whippet carries the black gene and it WILL BE BLACK (or blue).  From this fact, it is easy to understand why it would be easy to lose the black gene from ones gene pool.
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Mrs. Doris Wear wins Best Hound Team
Boston, February 23, 1955.
Stoney Meadows Rascal, Ch Stoney Meadows Fairy Tail, Sontey Meadows Evening Star, and Ch Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story.
by Robin Barry, Hound Hollow
    Vickie Smith, Heartland
Over the years, there have been numerous whippet breeders who have bred/promoted black whippets in the U.S. in the U.K and in other countries.
“I wanna see it painted, painted black.
 Black as night, Black as coal ... “

                           The Rolling Stones
Ever since there have been whippets, there have been black (and blue) whippets and fanciers who have
admired them and strived to produce good ones. There is just something compelling about a GOOD black
whippet with the correct whippet outline and proper bone.  Everything is there, right in front of you. Your
eye takes in the complete patent leather silhouette, and it is not distracted by patches of color. Faults
cannot easily be hidden. Certainly a rare sight, such a whippet, and one to be savored on the rare occasion
when one is found.   And the parti color blacks, so striking, in a bold and beautiful way.