Listed alphabetically by dogs name
DC Ablaim Free Flite Bedazzle Me SC (November)
Ch Ableaim Kazbar Bon Temp Folly (December)
Ch Ableaim Lemon Drop Martini at Kazbar (December)
Ch Ableaim Masquerade SC (September)
GCH DC Ableaim Patent Pending (July Cover)
GCH DC Ableaim Que The Music MC (January)
DC Ableaim Quantum Leap SC (January)
GCH Ableaim Question Me (September)
Ch Adagio Jilzan Fire On Ice (January)
GCH Adagio Jilzan Fire On Ice (June)
DC Amberwind’s Casanova (May)
DC AmberWind Hamrya Bacio de Santanta SC FCH (October)
GCH DC Amberwind Hamrya Dragon’s Claw (June)
Amberwind & Hamrya Flying Solo (February)
Andauer Litter (January)
DC Aperture High Chroma SC (May)
GCH Appraxin Hi-tor Free Agent at Willowcrest CGC (March)
Nz Ch Arcon In A Heartbeat (September)
Ch Artemis Blushing Beauty at Ableaim (December)
GCH Artemis Hypnotic Opium SC (March)
GCH Artemis Hypnotic Opium SC (November)
Ch Artemis Moon Silk at Tapestry (August)
Artistry’s A Little On The Trashy Side (February)
Artistry’s A Little On The Trashy Side (April)
Ch Artistry’s A Little On The Trashy Side (May)
GCH Ch Artistry’s A Little On The Trashy Side (September Cover)
Ch Artistry’s Abracadabra Trash to Treasure (December)
Atlantis Some Kind Of Wonderful (September)
GCH Burndt Sienna Red Mountain DPC TRP PR RN CGN CGC (August)
GCH Ch C.Square’s Wailing Widow (May)
FC Cali’s Blonde Ambition SC (July)
GCH Cariad’s Get My Drift (March)
GCH Ch Chapleton’s Crosstown Traffic (December)
GCH Chapleton’s Primetime Secretariat (March)
GCH DC Chapleton’s Primetime Secretariat SC (August)
Ch Chapleton Primetime Zenyatta SC (July)
GCh Charlamar Paisley at Redcliffe JC CR (July)
GCH Charlamar Redcliffe Nows The Time (February)
GCh Cottonwood  Versace at Coreymore (July)
GCH Destiny Pursuit of Happiness at Nysa Hill (April)
Dorae’s Top Billing (May)
Ch Eclipse Jedi Mind Trick at Daydream (August)
Ch Elyeria Its All About Me Harmony (March)
GCH DC Endeavor’s Kick Off at Meisterhaus JC (April)
Eros ‘N’ Ethos Dangerous Liaison (March)
Can Ch Eros ‘N’ Ethos Dangerous Liaison (June)
Fanfare Forgetmenot Chillin’ The Most (February)
CH Fanfare Forgetmenot My Kinda Pretty (February)
Fanfare Forgetmenot Flabbergasted (February)

Fantasia Touch of Destiny (September)
GCh Festiva’s Lucy Is Fashionably Late JC (February)
Flowerhill’s Sunny Halo (July)
Ch Flowhill’s Summer Applause (November)
DC Free Flite Ableaim All American MC  LCX2 FCH (January)
FCh Free Flite Ableaim Bless Your Heart SC (November)